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Short stubby lashes after extensions are due to poor applications, inappropriate use of the adhesive and the wrong type of lashes applied. This might result in uneven, haphazard growth, and lash line thinning issues. 

This seems problematic for a person like me who wants to look younger and beautiful forever. So, let's dive into this blog to find out the dos and don’ts of an eyelash extension.

Short stubby lashes after extensions

Dark, long, and fluttery eyelashes are a dream every woman can’t resist. Eyelashes might look like a minor part of your face, but they add up an entire dimension to your makeover.

Not only nice and curly eyelashes make your eyes look larger, help in giving you a more assertive look, and save you from the Monday blues.

If you are a working woman, a student, or a party person you must understand the pain of that extra 5 minutes to give your natural eyelashes a dreamy look but unfortunately, no mascara has been discovered until now that can change the entire aura of your natural eyelashes. 

For those, falsies act like saviors. Women don’t hesitate to go to a salon every fortnightly for getting their falsies fixed but like all other things fake lashes do have a negative side. They leave your natural ones short and stubby after the extensions have been removed.

Problems faced post lash extensions

Short stubby lashes after the extension or no lashes after extensions may be some causes you will face after removing your falsies. It could be due to the wrong adhesive you have used, or inappropriate types of lashes applied.

Bald eyelashes after extensions

First and foremost, the technician you reach out for seeking your lash extensions must be a professional and experienced person.

He should know where and how to perfectly glue up the falsies. As two most common issues aggravate the baldness of eyelashes i.e., nailhead and sticky.

Some unprofessional technicians glue the falsies to the skin of your eyelid which decelerates the growth of new ones causing the nailhead issue.

While the sticky ones take place when the aesthetician uses too much adhesive on the eyelid that might give a flattering look initially but ends up in balding natural eyelashes after extensions.

For this reason, it is not only necessary that you go to an experienced aesthetician but also a responsible one.

Damaged eyelashes after extensions

Short stubby lashes after extension may occur if the lash technician has not used the right type of lashes. 

Not everyone could carry a fluttery dark look. The aesthetician must have enough knowledge to choose between the looks a person can take over. 

I remember once I went for a party look to a salon and she applied a long, dark, and heavy eyelash set to my eyes. No doubt the pictures came amazing but throughout the event, I was looking at people with my half eyes opened. And the weight of those eyelashes kept me teary-eyed all day.

So, it is really important to choose the appropriate weight and length of the extensions so that it doesn’t damage the natural lash line.

Moreover, one more mistake the technicians mostly make is the application of too much glue which makes the eyelashes clump followed by buckling up of lashes or breaking them up in the anagen phase. 

Pro Tip: The lash extension must be fixed to the natural lash and not the eyelid. Also, there must be a 2mm gap between the eyelid and the bottom of the falsies. So, there is always room for the natural ones to grow.

How long do natural eyelashes take to grow back?

The good news for all the dreamy-eyed lovers is that,

“Natural eyelashes grow back to their original shape in approximately 9 to 12 weeks” 

Isn’t it satisfying?

Although the growth cycle does vary from person to person sooner or later you are going to get your natural ones back, so you won’t be looking like a boiled egg all your life long. Kudos!

So, at an average speed natural eyelashes grow half an inch per month and take 3 months to shed fully.

There are 3 stages that an eyelash follows:

Growth Phase Lasts For  Phase Description
Anagen 4 to 10 weeks Active Growth Phase
Catagen 2 to 3 weeks Transition Phase
Telogen 3 to 4 months Resting Phase


On average a person has 90 – 120 lashes.

Each person loses 3 lashes per day.

Implies that: Week 1= 21 lashes

                        Week 2= 42 lashes

                         Week 3= 63 lashes

How to repair eyelashes after extensions?

eyelashes short after extensions

Waking up with short stubby eyelashes after extensions seems like enough food for thought of a stressed woman but it is at least better than waking up with bald eyes.

Here are 8 things you can do to support your short stubby lashes after extensions.

#1 Take a break

The first and most important step towards supporting your natural lashes and getting rid of short stubby lashes after extensions is to stop wearing extensions for some time. It will eventually de-stress your natural lashes and helps them regain their natural strength and look.

During this period take some extra care of your lashes. Set a regime to brush, hydrate and nourish them properly.

#2 Try a lash growth serum

Lash growth serums are the best-suited way to support the restoration of your natural lash line.

It does contain some essential oils, vitamins, and nutrients that not only help in growing lashes but also transition them into lengthy and darker ones.

Have online research for the best available and pocket-friendly serum that is also medically approved.

Take a patch test before completely applying it on your eyelashes. If doesn’t irritate go beyond with the full application.

#3 Avoid waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara is one of the major reasons for short stubby eyelashes as it contains a stubborn formula that doesn’t go off easily. It provokes an instinct in us to rub it persistently which results in the breakdown of eyelash follicles.

Moreover, during this nourishment period try your fullest to completely avoid any kind of mascara so that your eyelashes can rest and breathe easily.

#4 Nourish it with natural oils

Conditioning the eyelashes with natural oils is the most effective way to support your eyelash growth and cure short stubby lashes after extensions.

Coconut oil and castor oil are rich in nutrients and support in healthy growth of all body hair. Moreover, vitamin-E oil can also be used for the same purpose.

#5 Use lash cleanser

Lash cleanser helps in the removal of dirt particles and pollution collected on the follicles resulting in accelerated lash line thinning.

Through a good and gentle eyelash, cleanser makeup can also be removed. For cleansing, baby shampoo or oil-free cleansing wipes can be easily utilized.

Scheduling a regular clean-up will help your short stubby lashes to breathe and absorb all the nutrients applied through natural oils or serums.

#6 Brushing the lashes

Like your hair, eyelashes should be brushed. It helps in detangling clumped eyelashes and stimulating hair growth.

Spoolie is the best tool that can serve this purpose, if you don’t have this special tool to brush your eyelashes then you can go for a clean mascara wand.

#7 Maintaining a healthy diet

To enhance the growth of your short stubby eyelashes you must add protein, biotin, and keratin to your meals.

Eating healthy is the greatest way to support your hair growth.

Try adding fish meat, leafy vegetables, and nuts into your daily meal routine as it is the best organic method to achieve a healthy lash line.

#8 Book a professional lash tech

A professional lash technician might charge you some extra bucks, but they will ensure the best treatment you should get for an eyelash extension.

A professional and responsible aesthetician knows all the secrets to give you an ultimate dreamy and flattery look without compromising your natural eyelashes.

He will decide the weight and style your natural eyelashes can carry. In short, he will perform a weightage between long vs short extensions in your best interest.

Take away

Eyelash extension doesn’t harm your natural lashes nor does it result in baldness or the stubbiness of the natural lash line.

Short eyelashes after extensions happen only due to the negligence of the lash technician. 

If unfortunately, you pass through any of these scenarios we would advise you; to take a break from your regular makeup regime. Keep your mascaras under the drawer for some time. Avoid applying harsh things near your eyelid and just stop irritating the lashes.

Ease out, and give them a couple of months we are pretty sure they will be back to their original length and weight shortly.

Just try eating healthy, using natural oils, and maintaining a good cleansing routine.

If you have any other concerns regarding your flattery look you can write us in the below section as we love to sort out things for you.


Why do lashes get shorter after extensions?

Poor application by aestheticians, using the wrong type of falsies, and inappropriate amount of glue results in the shortening of natural eyelashes.

Eyelashes will take 90 days to regain their natural size and weight with good care and a healthy diet.

What are the shortest lash extensions?

Typically, 8 to 9mm of lash extensions are described as the shortest ones.

They tend to give you a natural look without compromising the health of your natural lashes. It also goes with all types of eye shapes be it close set, deep set, almond shape, or monolid eyes.

How to care for eyelashes after extensions?

Avoid applying waterproof mascara. Buy a good lash serum and try nourishing your eyelashes with natural oils.

Cleansing gently every night will also help reduce dirt, pollution, and makeup from the eyes.

You can also add up things containing biotin, keratin, and vitamin E in your diet, so the new hair grows strong and healthy.

Do shorter eyelash extensions last longer?

Yes shorter, and lighter extensions last longer. Any set of falsies that are nearer to your natural eyelash type comes with a greater lasting guarantee than heavier and dramatic extensions as they fall or peel off easily.

Key to increasing the life span of your eyelash extension is to:

  1. Avoid using thick eye cream
  2. Always sleep on your back
  3. Clean and brush them daily
  4. Apply a lash sealer
  5. Lubricate them 
How many lashes fall out after extensions?

On average a person loses 1 to 5 natural lashes daily.

For instance.

If a person loses 3 lashes per day.

Implies that: Week 1= 21 lashes

                      Week 2= 42 lashes

                      Week 3= 63 lashes

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